Farmer's Market Recipes

    This week we did a cooking demo at the Fulton Farmer’s Market. Shoppers were delighted to find ways to utilize the abundant amounts of rhubarb they have on hand. Additionally, we featured salad skewers that were just as popular with the kids as the adults!

    The recipe for the salad skewers was simple. Your favorite salad greens with chevre, mint, craisins, then dusted with crushed walnuts and splashed with Salad Girl dressing. Salad girl is a local product that can be found in the produce cooler at our store. Assemble bite size amounts on bamboo skewers or simply mix in a bowl.

    Co-op Deals May 20- June 2

    Co-op Deals May 20- June 2Co-op Deals May 20- June 2

    New Website Launching 5/29/15!

    In just under a month, our updated website will go live! We are thrilled to share our new department pages, vendor profiles, recipes, blog, and more with you. Our new website will allow us to connect with our members and shoppers more frequently, with current information and resources. Check back at the end of May, when we unveil our gorgeous new site!

    Rollin' Oats Journal Refresh

    Earlier this year we tested a new option for distributing our newsletter. We published a monthly newsletter that was available in store and online. Although The Rollin’ Oats was updated more frequently, we lost a key touch point with our members.

    We learned several things from this strategy. The main lesson; the importance of connecting with our members and community about what is happening in our store. We value the ease and convenience that technology adds to communicating with our members.