Organics and Beyond

National Organic Program of the USDA
The NOP is the goverment agency responsible for the establishment of national organic standards and a certification program for our food.

Organic Consumers Association
OCA is a grassroots organization dealing with a wide variety of issues including food safety, corporate accountability and environmental sustainability.

The Organic Center
Check here for the latest articles on the nutritional value of organic food and current issues.

Store Wars
Meet Cuke Skywalker, Ham Solo, Chewbroccoli and others in this five-minute Flash movie about organic food,

Midwest Organic & Sustainable Education Service
Based in Spring Valley, Wisconsin, MOSES is an education-outreach organization working to promote sustainable and organic agriculture. Their annual Upper Midwest Organic Farming Conference, held in February, is a great event for farmers and others to share information about organic agriculture.

Demeter is the US agency that promotes and certifies biodynamic growers. Biodynamic methods include all the same practices as organic farming, and in addition, involves managing an individual farm as a living organism.

Midwest Organic Services Association
MOSA is an organic certifying agency based in Viroqua, Wisconsin. If you’re a producer or farmer interested in talking to someone about what it takes to become certified organic, these are the folks!