Grill with Us Summer 2014

Get ready for summer at Linden Hills Co-op!

Come to Linden Hills Co-op for your summer BBQ fixings! With the great items above, and many more throughout the store, we’ve got summer covered. Our fresh Meat & Seafood manager Charlie & his team bring you the best in local and sustainable grilling options everyday. Looking for new ideas or unsure about the best spice blend for that salmon steak? They’re always happy to share their know-how and tips!

2012 Gluten Free List

At Linden Hills Co-op, we offer hundreds of gluten free products. Whether it’s pizza, cupcakes or baguette you crave, you’ll find delicious options on every aisle. Check out our newly updated Gluten Free Products List or ask a staff person for assistence next time you’re in.

Top Tips for Shopping Co-op on a Budget


Thanks to everyone who submitted ideas in our co-op budget shopping tips contest! The winner, chosen at random, of a $75 co-op gift card is Sheri Williams of Minneapolis, and here are her great shopping tips:

1. Make a list of those “impossible to find except at the co-op items” and plan shopping trips to take full advantage of the membership discount coupon.

2. Shop the “endcaps”. They always have the sale items. The store does a great job labeling the monthly specials as well.

3. Go bulk!!! Especially for oatmeal, dried beans, spices and nuts.