Board of Directors

About the Board
Linden Hills Co-op, a $12 million natural foods retail store, is governed by up to nine Board Directors elected by the active membership. Each director serves a three year term. Terms are staggered, so that approximately one-third of the board positions are open each year.

The board of directors sets strategic directions for Linden Hills Co-op. They monitor the financial health of the co-op, set policies that reflect our shared values, and ensure that the cooperative complies not only with these policies but also with all state, local, and federal laws.

If you are interested in serving on our board of directors download the application packet.

Linden Hills Co-op
Board of Directors 2014

Mary Beckman
Scott Devens
Ann Ferreira
John Hatzung, President
Albert Kolman-Stich, Secretary
Timothy Olken-Hunt, Treasurer
Kathy Seipp, Vice President
Jennifer Simonson
Alex Slichter

Monthly Meetings
The board meets monthly, usually on the third Wednesday of the month, and meetings are open to any co-op members who wish to attend. If you’re a co-op member and would like to come, please let us know 3 days in advance—a meal is served at each meeting and we’d like to have enough for all and make sure we accommodate any special dietary preferences. Just call the co-op at 612-279-2450, or send an email to us at board(at)

Contact the Board
Contact board(at) or 612-279-2451.

Next Annual Election: October 2014
In October, election ballots will be mailed to your house—IF you receive the Rollin’ Oats Journal by mail. Ballots will also be available in store, across from the customer service desk. Ballots must be cast no later than the appointed time during the Annual Meeting, which is usually held in mid to late October.

Policy Governance at Linden Hills Co-op

Many co-ops use a system of governance called Policy Governance. The co-op’s member-owners elect a Board of Directors, consisting of nine co-op members. The Board creates a vision of the co-op’s purposes called “Ends,” based on what the membership desires the co-op to be, and implements these Ends through a set of policies by which the General Manager conducts the Operational side of the organization. Hence, it is through Operations that the member-owners see the services that express their vision of the co-op’s purposes, thereby completing the loop.

The Policy Governance system allows the Board of Directors to create and monitor the broader Ends of the co-op, while leaving the Operational details to the professional staff employed under the General Manager.

Click to view the current B-Policies which cover the Board-to-General Manager/Operations relationship.

This information is a Work-in-Progress. Check this page again for further additions and updates that clarify how Policy Governance works at Linden Hills Co-op.