ROJ AprilMay2013

April-May Rollin' Oats Journal

Sarah Johnson gives us the backstory on one of our Green Patch program recipients in her coverstory “Land Stewardship Project, Celebrating 30 Years.” Also in this issue, we share important news about Cedar Summit Farm, get to know restaurateur Kim Bartmann in our member spotlight, stop awhile in the bulk aisle and share a recipe that glorifies garlic in all its spring incarnations.

Click to download the PDF version of the April-May Rollin Oats Journal.

Shopping List for Food Donations

The following items are in particular demand at local foodshelves. To learn more, visit MN FoodShare.

2015 CSA Partners


As part of our commitment to local agriculture, we’re happy to serve as a consumer supported agriculture (CSA) dropsite for the 2014 local season.

To purchase a CSA share, please contact the farms directly via phone or email (see below for a list of participating farms and their contact information).

Please be aware that we can’t arrange to hold shares for you—you must pick up your share before 9 p.m. on your regular delivery day or arrange to have someone else pick it up for you.

February/March Rollin' Oats Journal

ROJ F/M 2013

Learn “Five Ways to Nourish your Neighbors” in our cover story about the March MN FoodShare campaign. Also in this issue, discover fair trade blueberries, find out how to reserve your CSA and save the date for our March Member Appreciation Day (Members save 10% on Saturday, March 9th!)

Click to download the PDF version of the February/March Rollin’ Oats Journal.

Dec/Jan Rollin' Oats

ROJ D/J 2012

Our coverstory details the Twelve Days of Local promotion—we’re offering 20% OFF daily specials beginning December 13th on some of your favorite local gift items. Also in this issue, we’ve reprinted the Annual Report to the Member Owners which was intially distributed during October’s annual meeting. Click to download a PDF version of the December-January Rollin’ Oats Journal.

Roasting Chestnuts


Tips and recipes on roasting chestnuts, a time-honored holiday tradition!

October-November Rollin Oats

ROJ O/N 2012

This issue contains a cover story detailing our Annual Meeting and the offical 2012 ballot for the board of directors election. We also announce our Member Appreciation Day (members save 10% on October 20th!). And, you’ll find our holiday catering menu, too! Click to download the October November 2012 issue.

August-September Rollin' Oats


Chef-instructor Kate Moore shares some of her favorite locally inspired recipes in this issue’s cover story “Eat Local, Stay Cool.” In keeping with our Eat Local, America! theme, we shine the spotlight on LHC member & cheesemonger Jason Anderson. We didn’t have quite enough room in the printed issue to tell you ALL the wonderful things we know about Jason, so if you’d like to read the full article about him, click here. Click to download the current issue (and learn how you can attend Featherstone Farms’ Harvest Party for free!).

Important Announcement
This year’s annual meeting will be on Thursday, October 18th from 6 – 8:30 p.m. Our keynote speaker will be local farmer Chris Blanchard of Rock Spring Farm. RSVP to allie(at) or 612-279-2450.

June/July 2012 Rollin' Oats


Click to download the June/July issue. In our cover story, Maia Campbell sheds light on “The Next Generation of Sustainable Agriculture” drawing from her recent experience at the MOSES Organic Farming Conference. Also in this issue, General Manager Luke Schell reports on our co-op’s financial health (we’re doing great and well-positioned to pay off the debt associated with our relocation!).

You won’t want to miss this summer’s co-op events, including our Bike Walk Week Happy Hour, Co-op Trivia Night and the Eat Local Farm Tour.

Bicycle Benefits Reward Program

Bicycle Benefits

You probably already know that biking to work, play and neighborhood businesses is good for your mind, body, spirit, and not to mention, of course, our environment. But we’d like to give you just one more good reason to bike to the co-op: the Bicycle Benefits rewards program.

Bicycle Benefits is a national program designed to reward individuals for their commitment to cleaner air, personal health and the use of “pedal power” to create a more sustainable community.