December 2005/January 2006


  • A Growing Passion for Tea
  • Manager’s Report
  • Temperature Rises on Solar Project
  • Member Profile: Peg and Bob Schwob
  • Cheese to the Rescue
  • Miss Larousse recipe: Earl Grey Madeleines

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October/November 2005


  • “A Good Neighborhood Endeavor” Celebrates Thirty Years
  • Manager’s Report: Paper or Plastic?
  • Talking Turkey (and Trees)
  • Midwest Food Connection Expands Programming
  • Miss Larousse recipe: Brandied Cranberry Bars

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August/September 2005


  • Co-op Conference Celebrates “The Value of Values”
  • Jump for Joyce! Carnival August 14
  • Board Report: Nominations Committee Seeks Candidates
  • Frogtown Pottery: Useful Beauty
  • Cocoon House: Trees, Ethics and Silk
  • Miss Larousse recipe: Banana Buckwheat Waffle

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June/July 2005


  • Rock Spring Farm: “Feeding People Is a Sacred Act”
  • Manager’s Report: Solar Power Partnerships
  • Meet Lin and Doug Hilgendorf of Whole Grain Milling
  • Member Spotlight: Tom Mattox, Kimberly Proffitt
  • Miss Larousse recipe: Chili jack tortilla chips

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April/May 2005


  • Campfire Cooking the Co-op Way
  • Camping recipes:
  • Bannock and Anne Harvell’s Tuna Noodle Wiggle
  • Linden Hills Natural Home: Grand Opening April 22 & 23
  • Board Report: Consider Yourself Asked
  • Member Spotlight: Karen Shragg, Urban Naturalist
  • Miss Larousse Recipe: Nutty snack mix

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February / March 2005


  • Yucky or Yummy? Tempting Toddlers’ Tastebuds
  • High Standards and Fair Pricing
  • Board Report: Why Did the Co-op Cross the Road?
  • Member Spotlight: Wendy Fassett & Molly Falk
  • Miss Larousse Recipe: Pain perdu (French toast)

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August/September 2004


  • Bayfield Blues—Highland Valley Farm
  • Board Report—Leave the Crystal Ball At Home
  • Fulfilling the Desire to Give Back: Employee Payroll Deductions Benefit
  • Community Solutions Fund and Minnesota Environmental Fund
  • Join Your Favorite Chefs at the Minnesota State Fair!
  • Vote for Sustainable Farming, Vote for Your Co-op’s Future
  • Miss Larousse Recipe: Tzatziki

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June/July 2004


  • Local Farm Report—Avalanche Organics: Keep Eating Local!
  • CSA Starts with Community
  • Manager’s Report: Shine a Little Light
  • Co-op Top 10 (Reasons to Run for the Co-op Board)
  • Staff Profile: Mary Ahern
  • Canvas Bag Collection—THANK YOU!
  • Survey Sez…
  • Miss Larousse Recipe: Strawberry-Rhubarb Coolers

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February/March 2003


  • The Meaning of Membership
  • Manager’s Report: Meet the Managers Month
  • Member Spotlight: Joni Blomquist and Brian Stromquist
  • Staff Spotlight: Jesse Buikema
  • Cooperative Program Brings You Organic Coffee
  • Miss Larousse recipe: Pasta primaver

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