August-September Rollin' Oats

Chef-instructor Kate Moore shares some of her favorite locally inspired recipes in this issue’s cover story “Eat Local, Stay Cool.” In keeping with our Eat Local, America! theme, we shine the spotlight on LHC member & cheesemonger Jason Anderson. We didn’t have quite enough room in the printed issue to tell you ALL the wonderful things we know about Jason, so if you’d like to read the full article about him, click here. Click to download the current issue (and learn how you can attend Featherstone Farms’ Harvest Party for free!).

Important Announcement
This year’s annual meeting will be on Thursday, October 18th from 6 – 8:30 p.m. Our keynote speaker will be local farmer Chris Blanchard of Rock Spring Farm. RSVP to allie(at) or 612-279-2450.

One Loan Down!

Our co-op continues to thrive thanks to our members’ loyalty. Since the opening of the new store two years ago, we have accumulated a strong cash reserve and maintained a positive cash flow, putting us in an excellent position to repay our debts. We are pleased to announce that on June 12th, the board of directors approved an early repayment of our North Country Development Fund (NCDF) loan. At $306,558.07, the NCDF loan was not only our third largest loan, but also had the highest interest rate.

Dads Rock! Saturday, June 16th

Rock Camp Band 51

We’re celebrating Father’s Day weekend with live music and father-friendly deals! On Saturday, June 16th, gather the whole family in our courtyard and rock out to live music by the talented musicians of Rock Camp for Dads.

Starting at 11 a.m., this locally-owned rock n’ roll performance camp will put on four shows ranging from rock to country and even a little bit of acoustic.

June/July 2012 Rollin' Oats


Click to download the June/July issue. In our cover story, Maia Campbell sheds light on “The Next Generation of Sustainable Agriculture” drawing from her recent experience at the MOSES Organic Farming Conference. Also in this issue, General Manager Luke Schell reports on our co-op’s financial health (we’re doing great and well-positioned to pay off the debt associated with our relocation!).

You won’t want to miss this summer’s co-op events, including our Bike Walk Week Happy Hour, Co-op Trivia Night and the Eat Local Farm Tour.

Bicycle Benefits Reward Program

Bicycle Benefits

You probably already know that biking to work, play and neighborhood businesses is good for your mind, body, spirit, and not to mention, of course, our environment. But we’d like to give you just one more good reason to bike to the co-op: the Bicycle Benefits rewards program.

Bicycle Benefits is a national program designed to reward individuals for their commitment to cleaner air, personal health and the use of “pedal power” to create a more sustainable community.

Bike, Walk, Win at Happy Hour!


Bike or walk to the co-op on Thursday, June 7th between the hours of 4 and 6 p.m. and you’ll be rewarded with our exclusive happy hour! Bikers, walkers, strollers and meanders should meet us in the co-op’s courtyard for ice cream floats and a chance to win prizes. Enter to win a…

$50 co-op gift card
a Hybrid Wall Clock (made from upcycled bike parts)

We want to encourage alternative transportation everyday, so we’ll also be registering folks for our new Bicycle Benefits reward program. In fact, we’ll register the first 50 people who attend Happy Hour for free! Learn more about alternative transportation at

The Listening Sessions Are Here

Listening Project Birds

The Board of Directors’ Listening Sessions have begun. The Listening Sessions offer a chance to talk directly to your co-op’s Board of Directors about LHC’s values, priorities, and future while enjoying a light meal from our deli. Any member of the co-op may sign up for a session.

Sessions begin with a brief discussion of how our co-op is governed, our current Ends Policies, and some general ground rules. From that point on, the Board provides general “What’s on your mind?” questions and then settles back to listen to what you have to say.

Upcoming sessions:

Saturday, July 28, 4 – 6

We look forward to your participation! Please pick some Session Dates that will work for you, and R.S.V.P. by emailing board(at) or by calling 612-279-2451.

April-May Rollin' Oats


This month’s cover story “Featherstone Farm Goes Solar” will take you through how the folks down at Featherstone Farm installed their 2,200 square-foot, 38-kilowatt solar panel array. Also in this issue meet co-op member and Cyclomaniac Angela Gustafson in the “Member Spotlight” and hear what’s been happening at the Board’s Listening Project sessions.

In other news, get the results from February’s special election, consider giving a donation to The Non-GMO Project and we’re announcing our annual used book drive, a benefit for Linden Hills Library.

MN FoodShare Donations

MN Foodshare Poster

Throughout the year, Linden Hills Co-op collects donations for the Joyce Emergency Food Shelf in Minneapolis. Last year, our co-op donated more than 20,000 pounds/dollars. Each year, we concentrate our efforts in March when we partner with other area co-ops to participate in the Minnesota FoodShare Campaign.

This year, Minnesota FoodShare hopes to raise 12 million pounds/dollars during March, which is JUST HALF of the food distributed by food shelves statewide.

Major Savings for Members

Field Day Logo

On March 12th, our co-op turns thirty-six years old. Like many co-ops, Linden Hills Co-op began with the desire for access to less processed, healthier foods at a reasonable price—a buying club of sorts. In the spirit of the buying club, we’re beginning a new tradition this March. Following some dogged negotiations with our national vendors, we’re looking forward to offering our members some staple household products by the pallet-load. Click to view the specials.