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MN FoodShare Donations

Throughout the year, Linden Hills Co-op collects donations for the Joyce Emergency Food Shelf in Minneapolis. Last year, our co-op donated more than 20,000 pounds/dollars. Each year, we concentrate our efforts in March when we partner with other area co-ops to participate in the Minnesota FoodShare Campaign.

This year, Minnesota FoodShare hopes to raise 12 million pounds/dollars during March, which is JUST HALF of the food distributed by food shelves statewide.

Major Savings for Members

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On March 12th, our co-op turns thirty-six years old. Like many co-ops, Linden Hills Co-op began with the desire for access to less processed, healthier foods at a reasonable price—a buying club of sorts. In the spirit of the buying club, we’re beginning a new tradition this March. Following some dogged negotiations with our national vendors, we’re looking forward to offering our members some staple household products by the pallet-load. Click to view the specials.

You Rocked the Vote!

In February, the co-op asked the membership to vote on a proposed amendment to Article V of the co-op’s Articles of Incorporation. The final vote was tallied following a special meeting of the membership on Thursday, February 23rd. The proposed amendment passed by a wide margin, with more than 95% of voters in favor of increasing the limitation on our Class A & B membership stock to 200,000 shares each. A big thank you to all the co-op members who voted in our special election!

Member Benefits: Mobile Friendly

Your investment: $80
Your return: Local food, real goods, friendly people
Becoming a co-op member isn’t like joining a warehouse club—you will be one of our nearly 7,000 store owners.

Membership is a one-time purchase of equity shares, not an annual fee. And your equity dollars are refundable upon request. Your shares contribute towards the capital we need to run the business and make improvements for you. Members receive other benefits, too!

  • Monthly discount coupons, good for $5 off a $50 purchase.

Membership Matters: Cast Your Vote!


As a member of Linden Hills Co-op, it’s your duty to ensure that the co-op’s bylaws are kept current and are beneficial to the long-term health of the co-op. Our existing bylaws limit Class A and Class B shares (i.e. membership stock) to 20,000 shares each; the co-op has reached that limit. This limitation was last updated in 1999 when the membership voted to increase the allowable number of shares to the current 20,000 limit. We are asking the membership to vote on a proposal to amend Article V: Section 1 of the Articles of Incorporation in order to increase the allowable limit to 200,000 shares each of Class A and B shares. Click to download a PDF version of the co-op’s current Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation and FAQs about the proposed amendment. Copies are also available at the customer service desk. Voting will take place during a special meeting of the membership:

Special Meeting of the Membership:
Proposed Amendment to Article V: Section 1
Linden Hills Park Building
Thursday, February 23
6:30 – 7 p.m.

Absentee Voting:
If you are not able to attend the meeting, please vote online or drop off an absentee ballot. Return your ballot to the co-op’s customer service desk by 9 p.m. on Wednesday, February 22nd.

You may also mail your ballot to the co-op: Attn: Allie, 3815 Sunnyside Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55410. Your ballot must arrive at the co-op by 9 p.m. on Wednesday, February, 22nd.

February-March Rollin' Oats


Read this month’s cover story, and you’ll discover why “It’s Good to Belong” to Linden Hills Co-op and learn more about our first ever month-long, members-only pallet sale! Also, find out when our annual Member Appreciation Day will be—and how you could win a $100 co-op gift card.

Also in this issue, board member and community leader Rhea Sullivan takes the “Member Spotlight” and we announce our annual LoveFest celebration. Don’t forget to check out our February and March classes, too!

2012 Gluten Free List

At Linden Hills Co-op, we offer hundreds of gluten free products. Whether it’s pizza, cupcakes or baguette you crave, you’ll find delicious options on every aisle. Check out our newly updated Gluten Free Products List or ask a staff person for assistence next time you’re in.

Annual Report 2010 -2011

If you couldn’t make it to the Annual Meeting, now’s your chance to check out your co-op’s Annual Report. Click to download the PDF or pick up a copy at our customer service desk.

December January 2012


Prepare to smile when you read Ginger Pearson’s cover story “Best I Ever Tasted” about neighborhood kids’ enthusiasm for the Midwest Food Connection. Plus, you’ll learn more about the many ways the co-op gives back to our community,including the Green Patch program, recent donation to the Tornado Recovery Fund and our upcoming Diabetes Prevention Program.

Also in this issue, you’ll find an excerpt of our Annual Report, including reports from the Board President and Board Tresurer.

Voluntary Egg Recall

Larry Schultz has issued a voluntary recall for a portion of his eggs, following a routine investigation by the MN Department of Health which linked his farm with 5 non-fatal cases of salmonella. We are relieved to report that Linden Hills Co-op HAS NOT received ANY of the affected eggs. We have worked with Larry Schultz for many years and will continue to work with him to address this problem quickly, thoroughly and with transparency. We will continue to monitor this situation closely and will share information as it becomes available.