February/March 2009

  • How to shop smart at your co-op
  • New free gift registry at Natural Home
  • Board report: Are our shoppers “average?”
  • Miss Larousse’s kid-pleasing pasta recipe
  • February classes, specials, events

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December 2008/January 2009


  • Linden Hills Co-op’s Local Food Sales at record high levels
  • Patronage Rebate declared for 2007-08
  • Great local gift ideas
  • Miss Larousse’s winter fruit salad recipe
  • December specials, events, classes, board report, FYI

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Delicious Dips for your Weekend Entertaining


Looking for a last-minute party treat? Stop by the deli counter and pick up one of our heat-and-serve dip options! Baked artichoke dip or delicious asiago cheese dip are terrific with crackers, bread, veggies, or anything you like. The roasted onion dip will elevate your chips to new heights.

The Linden Hills Co-op Difference


Customers often ask why they should buy dietary supplements and personal care products at Linden Hills Co-op and not at one of the many other stores that carry these products.

The difference = quality + community + customer service.

In the Health and Body Care department at Linden Hills Co-op we only work with companies that use the highest quality ingredients and manufacturing processes. We also feature a large selection of products that are made with organic ingredients and are made by local companies.

Fresh Daily Sushi


We have a great variety of fresh sushi delivered daily from our favorite local supplier to our deli. Stop by to check out the new selections—many of the rolls include delicious and nutritious brown rice, making a treat that’s good for you even better.

October/November 2008


  • Roger and Michelle Benrud, PastureLand Co-op members and graduates of the Farm Beginnings Program
  • Co-op member and marathon runner Lauren Weschler
  • Miss Larousse’s applesauce cake
  • great Co-op Month/Fair Trade Month specials, holiday ordering information, and lots more.

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August/September 2008


  • Allie Mentzer and co-op shoppers Linda Nelson amd Lorry Alexander encourage you to take the “Eat Local Challenge”
  • CSA shareholder Robin Elias is this month’s member spotlight subject
  • Midwest Food Connection teaches kids about local foods
  • August-September events, specials, and more

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June/July 2008


  • Member services manager Jeanne Lakso’s Fair Trade expedition to Peru
  • Allie Mentzer’s suggestions for celebrating a truly Local Independence Day
  • changes to the co-op’s senior discount policy, which went into effect July 1, 2008
  • nominating a “Green Patch” group
  • Miss Larousse’s suggestions for summertime salads
  • June-July specials and events

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Preserving the Local Harvest


This great article, reprinted by permission from “The Mix,” is by Susan Jane Cheney, St. Paul resident and former member of the Moosewood Restaurant Collective in Ithaca, NY. As the local growing season kicks into high gear, we thought it was a perfect way to prepare co-op shoppers, farmers’ market mavens, and CSA shareholders for the challenge of eating local, longer. Enjoy!

Eat locally” is an old idea making a comeback as the costs to individuals and the environment of long- distance shipping, packaging, and processing of foods are reevaluated.