Co-ops Help MN FoodShare!

THANKS! *We’ve raised nearly 5,610 dollars/pounds of food for Minnesota FoodShare’s March Campaign. That’s 187% of our fundraising goal. All together, the Twin Cities food co-ops raised 77, 771 dollars/pounds of food.

2009 Member Rebate Vouchers


Use It; Don’t Lose It

Your 2008-09 member rebate vouchers should be used at the co-op no later than FEBRUARY 28, 2010. Spending your voucher HELPS the store, since unredeemed vouchers are lost income and not a cost savings for the cooperative—it’s your deferred discount on the purchases you made at your cooperative between July 1, 2008 and June 30, 2009. Enjoy!

Background On Patronage Rebates

What is a Patronage Rebate?
In years when the co-op makes a profit, the board of directors has the option to distribute a portion of the profit to our member-owners.

February/March 2010

  • the latest on the co-op’s expansion and relocation project
  • Board member Rhea Sullivan on the importance of continued member involvement
  • a recap on the co-op’s 2009 donations
  • 2010 CSA farm partners are all in this issue.
*Miss Larousse transforms underripe bananas into an ambrosial dessert.

Download and read the issue.

Fall Classes - Register Now!

Community Room.jpg

Days are getting shorter and the air is crisp and cool – autumn is here! We’ve got a great line up of classes this season featuring classes about healthy cooking, comfort food and more. Follow the links below to download our schedules.

October Classes

November Classes

Please pre-register for classes in person at our customer service desk or by calling 612-922-1159 to pay by credit card.

December 09/January 2010

  • The co-op announces a plan to relocate to the former Sunnyside Market in Linden Hills.
  • Board president Kimberly Proffitt kicks off an ambitions member loan drive.
  • Patronage rebates and how to spend them.
  • Member Profile: Tom Lundgren takes on the role of project coordinator for the co-op’s move and expansion.
  • Specials, events, and Miss Larousse’s Clementines in Spiced Syrup

Download a PDF copy for your reading pleasure.

October/November 2009

  • Annual meeting invitation (including the top ten reasons to attend!)
  • New co-op website debuts: is live!
  • Board member Jason Walker reports your co-op is poised for change
  • Fair Trader Scott Patterson of Equal Exchange is in the “Member Spotlight”
  • October specials, events, holiday ordering information

Download a PDF copy.

August/September 2009

  • Meet Featherstone Farm’s Jenni McHugh
  • Board member Rhea Sullivan attends a national co-op conference
  • Keiko Veasy, EcoParent is in the “Member Spotlight
  • Our staff’s favorite local foods
  • Miss Larousse makes Stuffed Tomatoes
  • August specials, events, and more

Download a PDF copy.

Great Gift Cards at Your Local Co-op


Give the gift of great food! We have co-op gift cards available in any amount, and unlike some stores, there are no hidden costs and no expiration dates. Packaged in an attractive gift folder and embellished with colorful photos of delicious food, co-op gift cards are beautiful AND practical. They can also be used at Linden Hills Natural Home. Just ask any cashier, stop by the customer service desk, or call 612-922-1159 to find out more. Co-op gift cards make great shower gifts, wedding presents, and housewarming gifts, too!

Green Patch Groups for 2010


Each fall, Linden Hills Co-op members vote for two Green Patch groups—area nonprofits with a “green” mission. When shoppers use cloth or canvas tote bags they earn a “Green Patch,” worth five cents, which they can drop in a donation box or save up until they can get a dollar back for 20 patches.

Staff Favorites: The Local Edition


Becki, Bulk
Whole Grain Milling’s 8 Grain Hot Cereal, Welcome, MN
Unlike many breakfast cereals and granolas that feel healthy but actually aren’t, this one is really good for you. It cooks up quickly and is very cost effective at $1.49 a pound. Very comforting on cold winter mornings and still great during the summer too.