April/May 2009

  • Urban Gardening tips and resources
  • Emily Kaster’s Staff Favorites
  • Meet the co-op’s “Green Team”
  • Miss Larousse makes Rice with Chives
  • April-May events, specials, more

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Halloumi: Stephanos's Favorite Cheese


There are only a few things in our store that have their origins on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. One is Stephanos; the other is Halloumi cheese.

So if you’d like to know just why Halloumi is such a wonderful cheese, ask Stephanos (you’ll find out why he’s pretty wonderful at the same time). Stephanos says in Cyprus, Halloumi is served before dinner, often grilled, as part of a mezze platter, the Cypriot version of tapas. Slice it thin, and make a delicious grilled cheese sandwich.

LHC Wins Metro Blooms Award


On Saturday, May 16, the co-op’s general manager, Luke Schell, attended the Blooms Day Recognition and Educational Event at Kenny School to accept the award for “Best Container Gardens” for 2008! We’re thrilled, of course, and need to share the award with Bob and his crew from Edelweiss Design, who help ensure our container gardens and courtyard and parking lot plantings are beautiful, sustainable, and well-maintained.

Metro Blooms is dedicated to promoting and celebrating gardening as a way to beautify communities and protect the environment.

Fair Trade Coffee Break


We beat Finland! with a new world’s record total of 56,892 participants in th2 2009 World’s Largest Fair Trade Coffee Break!

On Saturday, May 9, the Co-op and others around the US attempted to set the record for the World’s Largest Fair Trade Coffee Break! Thanks to our Fair Trade friends at Equal Exchange, we gave away free cups of Fair Trade organic coffee to at least 50 people, along with information about why Fair Trade matters.

World Fair Trade Day is an international celebration of Fair Trade.

Top Tips for Shopping Co-op on a Budget


Thanks to everyone who submitted ideas in our co-op budget shopping tips contest! The winner, chosen at random, of a $75 co-op gift card is Sheri Williams of Minneapolis, and here are her great shopping tips:

1. Make a list of those “impossible to find except at the co-op items” and plan shopping trips to take full advantage of the membership discount coupon.

2. Shop the “endcaps”. They always have the sale items. The store does a great job labeling the monthly specials as well.

3. Go bulk!!! Especially for oatmeal, dried beans, spices and nuts.


February/March 2009

  • How to shop smart at your co-op
  • New free gift registry at Natural Home
  • Board report: Are our shoppers “average?”
  • Miss Larousse’s kid-pleasing pasta recipe
  • February classes, specials, events

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December 2008/January 2009


  • Linden Hills Co-op’s Local Food Sales at record high levels
  • Patronage Rebate declared for 2007-08
  • Great local gift ideas
  • Miss Larousse’s winter fruit salad recipe
  • December specials, events, classes, board report, FYI

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Delicious Dips for your Weekend Entertaining


Looking for a last-minute party treat? Stop by the deli counter and pick up one of our heat-and-serve dip options! Baked artichoke dip or delicious asiago cheese dip are terrific with crackers, bread, veggies, or anything you like. The roasted onion dip will elevate your chips to new heights.

The Linden Hills Co-op Difference


Customers often ask why they should buy dietary supplements and personal care products at Linden Hills Co-op and not at one of the many other stores that carry these products.

The difference = quality + community + customer service.

In the Health and Body Care department at Linden Hills Co-op we only work with companies that use the highest quality ingredients and manufacturing processes. We also feature a large selection of products that are made with organic ingredients and are made by local companies.