Lunch Bag

Mimi the Sardine

The Center for Environmental Health recently sent out a consumer advisory, alerting parents to the possible presence of lead in children’s vinyl lunch boxes or bags.

Because it is not possible to tell by appearance whether a vinyl lunch box may contain lead, CEH is advising parents to avoid buying vinyl lunch boxes altogether as we cannot guarantee they are lead free. You can test vinyl lunch boxes you already own using a hand-held lead testing kit, which is available for purchase at Linden Hills Natural Home.

Even better, pick up a new and completely lead-free lunch bag at Linden Hills Natural Home. We offer cloth bags as well as waterproof, colorful vinyl-free bags from Mimi the Sardine—fun, practical and most important, safe.

Mimi the Sardine also makes brightly colored aprons (both kid- and grownup-sized) and wipeable play mats for nontoxic fun.