Top Tips for Shopping Co-op on a Budget

Thanks to everyone who submitted ideas in our co-op budget shopping tips contest! The winner, chosen at random, of a $75 co-op gift card is Sheri Williams of Minneapolis, and here are her great shopping tips:

1. Make a list of those “impossible to find except at the co-op items” and plan shopping trips to take full advantage of the membership discount coupon.

2. Shop the “endcaps”. They always have the sale items. The store does a great job labeling the monthly specials as well.

3. Go bulk!!! Especially for oatmeal, dried beans, spices and nuts.

4. I’m a big fan of the Blue Sky Guide. Thank you for continuing to support this great resource.

5. Although this doesn’t benefit the co-op directly, I’m also very thankful for your support of the CSA farms. We have a share with Common Harvest and it gives us bountiful fresh cheap veggies and fruit through the summer and fall.

6. Use your cloth bags! money goes directly to the targeted nonprofits (through the co-op’s Green Patch Program)

7. Last but not least, when weather permits we try to walk or bike to the store from our house (you can fit a lot of groceries in a Burley!)

Thank you, Sheri, for your great words of wisdom and being such a savvy co-op shopper!