Fair Trade Coffee Break

We beat Finland! with a new world’s record total of 56,892 participants in th2 2009 World’s Largest Fair Trade Coffee Break!

On Saturday, May 9, the Co-op and others around the US attempted to set the record for the World’s Largest Fair Trade Coffee Break! Thanks to our Fair Trade friends at Equal Exchange, we gave away free cups of Fair Trade organic coffee to at least 50 people, along with information about why Fair Trade matters.

World Fair Trade Day is an international celebration of Fair Trade. This year’s events took place in over 80 countries worldwide. The theme, “Everything is better when it’s fair,” reminds us that Fair Trade is more than coffee, chocolate and handcrafts. The lives of producers and consumers are better because of Fair Trade. When we support Fair Trade, we not only support the people who make the items we consume and enjoy, we also support the environment, women’s rights, children’s rights, cultural dignity and peace building. That’s a powerful thing to do when you choose to buy Fair Trade products.

If you’d like to learn more about how to host your own Fair Trade Coffee Break, go to