Four Elements Herbal Remedies

We’re pleased to bring you a new line of organic herbal blends, locally made in Wisconsin, from Four Elements.

Here’s some background information from their website:

Four Elements Herbals began in 1987 as the pursuit of my dream to establish a family farm and continue my horticultural career while raising our son, Forrest. After completing a B.S. in horticulture, I began specializing in the healing qualities of herbs. My husband, David, and I supplied stores with organically grown potted herbs and developed an extensive herb collection. Herbs became a way of life from cooking and crafts, to body care and healing. It is from our tried-and-true experience that we created Four Elements body care products.

Four Elements Herbals is located in the pristine Baraboo Bluffs of central Wisconsin. We are blessed to have 130 acres of prairies and woodland growing diverse species from which we carefully select plants for our products. We hand harvest our specialty herbs at their peak potency and blend them in small batches. Local women whose schedules revolve around their commitments to children, family, and our community help us at every step along the way.

Our goal is to discover the alchemy of nature — simple and pure food for your skin. Each item comes forth from a precious element of the earth.

We hope you will feel the love and respect for our earth and its healing power as it flows from our gardens to you.