Staff Favorites: The Local Edition

Becki, Bulk
Whole Grain Milling’s 8 Grain Hot Cereal, Welcome, MN
Unlike many breakfast cereals and granolas that feel healthy but actually aren’t, this one is really good for you. It cooks up quickly and is very cost effective at $1.49 a pound. Very comforting on cold winter mornings and still great during the summer too. I eat it almost every day for breakfast with a little brown sugar and cinnamon.

Carter, Grocery
Whole Grain Milling Tortilla Chips, Welcome, MN
They are the best (aka super bombest) tortilla chips I have ever tasted.

Emily, Grocery
Unpeeled Kombucha, St. Paul, MN
It tastes so fresh and delicious and makes me feel so healthy!

Heather, Customer Service
Castle Rock Chocolate Milk, Eau Claire, WI
It’s the perfect mixture of chocolate and quality milk…yummy!

Jenny, Deli
Glad Corn, Mountain Lake, MN
It’s crunchy, salty and delicious—and it was discovered by mistake.

Kathryn, Customer Service
Spring Valley Maple Syrup, Spring Valley, WI
My grandchildren will eat lots of whole grain pilaf and vanilla ice cream is heavenly with this healthy sweetener added.

Maia, Customer Service
Mother’s Naturals Cereal, Northfield, MN
Mother’s is a good quality inexpensive locally produced breakfast cereal. With Cedar Summit milk and local fresh berries, this provides an excellent start to any day.

Mary, Customer Service
Sunleaf Naturals Shampoo and Body Bars, Waconia, MN
They work great, smell great and are minimally packaged—plus they last a long time. I like to slice a bar in half; makes it easier to manage. I keep one in the shower and use the other half for traveling.

Shawn, Grocery
One Sun Farm Pizzas, LaFarge, WI
They grow or make everything but the cheese themselves—and the cheese comes from Organic Valley.

Scott, Customer Service
Local Greens
Because we live in an agriculture state and any competition for California’s agri-business is refreshing!

Susan, Administration
Uncle Pete’s Sweet Hot Mustard, Pierz, MN
It starts out sweet on the tongue and then becomes hot and tangy—and I mean HOT and TANGY!

Tom, Grocery
Thousand Hills Beef, Cannon Falls, MN
Grass-fed nutrition with great taste.

Allie, Promos & Demos
Dr in the Kitchen’s Flackers, Minneapolis, MN
All the benefits of flax—no grinding necessary. That’s because Linden Hills resident Dr. Alison Levitt pre-soaks her flax seeds before making these crunchy, savory snacks. I love mine with Lemon Herb Egg Salad.