Parade to Sunnyside!

Join us on Sunday, September 12th from 12 – 2pm as we commemorate our co-op’s history and look forward to our future at our new, expanded location at 3815 Sunnyside Avenue.

Naturally, there’ll be a bit of sadness as we prepare to close our doors at 2813 W 43rd Street. To capture this bittersweet sentiment, our “transition ceremony” will take the form of a New Orleans Jazz Funeral Parade. Leave it to Linden Hills Co-op to get quirky!

At noon, we’ll gather in the courtyard at 2813 W. 43rd where we’ll place co-op mementos in a time-capsule. Shortly thereafter, we’ll begin parading to the new store, lead by the Jack Brass Band. A few sturdy “pall bearers” will roll the time-capsule to the new store in a wooden wheelbarrow “casket.” En route, we’ll learn a little more about the co-op’s history and improvements at the new store. Once we arrive at the new store, we’ll serve refreshments and have plenty of time to share our co-op memories.

The parade route from the old store to the new store is less than 1 mile, but carpools will be provided for folks who cannot, or choose not to, walk. Bystanders are welcome to gather along the parade route if they choose just to watch. Our route will take us west on 43rd Street, up Zenith Avenue, and west again on 44th Street. Children are encouraged to bike—and will be rewarded with prizes for the best decorated bike!

Although New Orleans is sometimes (fairly or not) associated with a bit of hedonistic excess, we want this event to be earth-friendly. So we’re asking you to help us reduce & reuse by bringing your own accoutrements.

What to Bring:

Mardi Gras beads or decorations
Pots & wooden spoons to use as make-shift “drums”
Good walking shoes
Co-op memorabilia for the time-capsule (old photos, newsletters, trinkets)
Or, none of the above, just yourself is enough!