Bicycle Benefits

Bicycle Benefits Reward Program

You probably already know that biking to work, play and neighborhood businesses is good for your mind, body, spirit, and not to mention, of course, our environment. But we’d like to give you just one more good reason to bike to the co-op: the Bicycle Benefits rewards program.

Bicycle Benefits is a national program designed to reward individuals for their commitment to cleaner air, personal health and the use of “pedal power” to create a more sustainable community.

Here’s how it works:

  • Purchase a Bicycle Benefits sticker at our customer service desk for just $5.
    • Place your sticker on your bike helmet. This will help you remember to use the discount whenever you bike and is a pretty good incentive to ALWAYS wear your helmet!
    • Each time you bike to Linden Hills Co-op, show your sticker to your cashier. Our benefit may change monthly or seasonally.
    • Visit to view other participating businesses and the deals they offer.

Bicycle Benefits is an “on your honor” program. Please help us support this important program by ONLY asking for the benefit when you have indeed ridden your bike to the co-op. Driving your helmet to the co-op doesn’t count! Linden Hills Co-op reserves the right to change our benefit or discontinue the program at any time.

Walkers? We have a similar program for you. Just inquire at our customer service desk or contact our Outreach Coordinator, Maia Campbell (612-279-2449 or mcampbell(at)