Bayers Hardware - an opportunity

    Has the Coop thought about buying/renting the Bayers Hardware space to open a space back in Linden Hills?

    Obviously couldn’t be a full store, but maybe a deli and smaller selection.

    Just a thought.

    Really enjoy the current store as it is actually closer to where we live.


    Thanks for keeping a look out for opportunities for your co-op! We briefly considered pursuing an “annex” at the 43rd and Upton business node of Linden Hills, but ultimately decided that the timing just isn’t right. Opening an annex would require considerable planning among staff, board and outside contractors/consultants. That time requirement, coupled with the fact that our primary goal at this time is to repay our debts (not accrue more property) makes it unlikely that we’d be able to move on an annex project any time soon. Of course, we wish Bob Bayer the best and hope the space is filled soon.

    We’re glad to hear you’re liking our new 44th & France Linden Hills location!

    Allie Mentzer
    Member Services Manager