mung dahl

    hi! do you guys carry mung dahl??



    Hi, Krista

    The answer is… maybe. Folks use “mung dal” to refer to all sorts of prepared foods as well as dry ingredients, so I’m not quite sure we have what you’re looking for. Here’s what we do have:

    • Jyoti Brand Dal Makhani (canned)
    • Kitchens of India Brand Dal Bakhura (boxed)
    • Bulk Green, French and red lentils (various kinds of lentils are often referred to as “dal”)
    • Mung beans (bulk section)

    We also have a fairly diverse selection of packaged dried lentils & beans. Feel free to give me a call at 612-279-2450 to let me know specifically what you’re looking for and I’d be happy to take a closer look.

    Thanks for asking!
    Allie Mentzer
    Member Services Manager