Organic Sour Cherry "Mocktails"

    This non-alcoholic cocktail is not too sweet and festive enough to make any occasion feel special. Use pretty glasses to enhance the effect.

    • Bionaturae Organic Sour Cherry Juice
    • Santa Cruz Organic Ginger Ale
    • Fresh cranberries
    • Very thin slices of organic oranges or Meyer lemons, cut in halves or quarters
    • Wooden skewers or picks
    • Extra-long cinnamon sticks
    • Ice cube tray

    The drink itself is easy as pie: just mix sour cherry juice and ginger ale, equal parts, in each serving glass. The “special” part is in the garnishes.

    Fruit Swizzlers: Alternate a fresh cranberry with a citrus slice on a wooden skewer. If you’re using half-slices of citrus, try pushing the skewer through the first quarter, then add a cranberry, followed by the second half of the citrus slice so it wraps around the cranberry.

    Cranberry Cubes: Drop a cranberry and a quarter slice of citrus into each compartment of an ice cube tray. Fill with water and freeze; add a couple to each glass before you pour in the juice and ginger ale.

    Spice Sticks: Add an extra-long cinnamon stick to each glass just before serving.