Linden Hills Co-op

At Linden Hills Co-op, we adhere to the following ends policies:

  • Provide and promote healthful choices for our members and shoppers
  • Provide, use and promote earth-friendly, sustainable products
  • Encourage activism on sustainability, health and nutrition-related issues
  • Build community within Linden Hills and neighboring communities.

The idea for a natural foods cooperative in the Linden Hills neighborhood of Minneapolis’s Lakes district was first considered in 1975, by a small group of neighborhood residents interested in having access to organic, local and natural food. After a series of planning meetings and initial fundraising, a small space was secured and the new co-op opened on March 12, 1976. At the end of Linden Hills Co-op’s first fiscal year, $101.69 in profit was divided among the twenty-four founding members.

In the thirty-five years since then, Linden Hills Co-op has moved and expanded its offerings four times while remaining the neighborhood’s primary grocer—“big enough to meet your needs; small enough to meet your neighbors.” With a full service deli, great selection of locally made and locally raised foods, many choices for different dietary needs, and a sunny indoor dining area, the co-op serves as a community gathering place—-with groceries.