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Newsletter Via Email?

I want to get my newsletter online….too much wasted paper. How do I do that?

Thanks for your great question! To sign up for email alerts when the newsletter is posted to our website you can email member services at maia(at)lindenhills.coop or call 612-279-2449.

Maia Campbell, Interim Marketing & Member Services Manager

Bulk Area Concerns

I was in the store today (12/3/12). I was getting some bulk items (tea, garlic powder, bay leaves) and I found that there were several dirty scoops with product obviously visible on them in the “clean” scoop canister, as well as scoops that looked clean but were dripping wet. I don’t know which is worse, using a dirty scoop or a wet one, but I don’t feel comfortable with either, and it makes me wonder about the cleanliness and quality control in the bulk area in general.

Reserved Parking

Thank you for having a reserved parking spot close to the door for expectant mothers and families with small children.


Hi Laura,
Thanks for thanking us! We’re glad to hear the reserved parking is helpful!

Marketing & Member Services Manager
Allie Mentzer

Brined Turkeys Next Year?

Would you consider offering brined free-range turkeys next year around Thanksgiving?


Hi Laura,
Great idea! I’ll pass this along to our Meat & Prepared Foods managers.

Allie Mentzer
Marketing & Member Services Manager

mung dahl

hi! do you guys carry mung dahl??



Hi, Krista

The answer is… maybe. Folks use “mung dal” to refer to all sorts of prepared foods as well as dry ingredients, so I’m not quite sure we have what you’re looking for. Here’s what we do have:

  • Jyoti Brand Dal Makhani (canned)
  • Kitchens of India Brand Dal Bakhura (boxed)
  • Bulk Green, French and red lentils (various kinds of lentils are often referred to as “dal”)
  • Mung beans (bulk section)

_We also have a fairly diverse selection of packaged dried lentils & beans.


Have you ever thought of having movie at the coop like Eastside Co-op? The movies always look very interesting but it’s too far to go.
You guys are the best!

Hi, Shannon,

_We would LOVE to offer movies like Eastside! Truth be told, we’ve been (a bit) envious of Eastside’s movie screenings for years now. They have a beautiful space adjacent to their store with plenty of room and even (I’ve heard) a fireplace! We’ve thought quite a bit about how we could offer film screenings at Linden Hills. And, while we don’t NEED a fireplace necessarily, we really do need extra space.

Grain-Free Bread


I love your store and am a resident of Linden Hills. I was wondering if you are planning on getting grain-free bread (also called paleo bread) anytime soon? It is generally made with almond and/or coconut flours and is gluten free, in addition to being low-carb.



Hi, Hilary,

Thanks for the suggestion—I’ve passed it on to our grocery manager. He’s not aware of any good options available thru our distributors, but he’ll keep an eye out for it.

Thanks for loving us!
Allie Mentzer
Member Services Manager

Bayers Hardware - an opportunity

Has the Coop thought about buying/renting the Bayers Hardware space to open a space back in Linden Hills?

Obviously couldn’t be a full store, but maybe a deli and smaller selection.

Just a thought.

Really enjoy the current store as it is actually closer to where we live.


_Thanks for keeping a look out for opportunities for your co-op! We briefly considered pursuing an “annex” at the 43rd and Upton business node of Linden Hills, but ultimately decided that the timing just isn’t right.

Do you bag or not?

Do you bag or not?

If you do then the cashier should ask in the beginning of the check out process if you need help.

If you don’t then you should post a sign that customers are expected to bag.

The last several times I was shopping there i have been treated rudely when I asked for help with bagging. Workers are standing around chatting instead of offering to bag and don’t like being interrupted.

_Thanks so much for taking the time to tell us about your poor experience with us. We truly appreciate it.

yearly dividend


Just wondering if there is still a yearly dividend or if that stays reinvested in the co-op. Just wondering as that is fine with me. Love the new store!

Kathy Reagles

Hi Kathy,

Each fall, following an examination of our end-of-fiscal year financials, our board of directors determines whether or not the co-op will issue a patronage rebate. If it’s determined that the co-op is in a good position to issue a patronage rebate, we’ll announce it in the Annual Report and at the Annual Meeting in October. So, stay tuned!