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Highly prominent placement of gluten-free products

I’m embarrassed to admit that I jumped on the gluten-free bandwagon without knowing anything about gluten. Part of this I attribute to the highly prominent placement of gluten-free products in the store. I made many naive purchasing decisions based on this highly visible shelf exposure, under the false assumption that gluten-free foods must be healthier. I’ve since researched the topic, and discovered the need for gluten-free foods for people with celiac disease, but that for most people gluten is just fine. Gluten is a protein, and a major source of protein for much of the world.

co-op member

When I joined the co-op, the literature said I would receive discount coupons each month good for $5 off a $50 purchase. I do not receive monthly coupons.
Could you please check why this is?

Hi, Jenny,

_Monthly member coupons are included in the co-op’s newsletter, the Rollin’ Oats Journal. You should recieve the newsletter every other month by mail, or via email if you opted for the paperless version.

Gluten Free

We just joined the co-op and love the store, we’ve been shopping there since you moved to the new store and we saw the spot on fox 9 news. . Is it possible to get more choices in Amys Gluten Free pizza, I have only seen the one and it is also dairy free, I know they make more and it would be great to have more choices or if you don’t think it would sell I could purchase them on a special order but I would think they would be popular as not everyone who is GF is also Dairy free as well. thanks for all the great products you carry

Thanks for your suggestion! We strive to provide a delicious variety of choices for our gluten-free customers. We now carry Amy’s Gluten-Free Cheese Pizza in addition to our non-dairy/gluten-free varieties. Enjoy!

Julie's gluten free ice cream sandwiches

I was so excited to see Julie’s organic gluten free ice cream sandwiches at your store! My daughter has to eat gluten free, and she loved them. She hasn’t had a “real” ice cream sandwich for 7 years. Thanks for carrying this product.

You’re welcome! We appreciate your support. Please feel free to ask for anything.

Tom Eckstein
Grocery Manager

Why no silken tofu?

I really wish you guys carried some kind of silken tofu. It’s an indispensible part of a vegan repertoire, useful for desserts, sauces, dressings, etc. My favorite is brand House but any kind you could carry would be welcome.

We do carry the Mori-Nu brand of silken tofu. If you have trouble finding it, let us know. I will look into carrying the “House” brand.

Tom Eckstein
Grocery Manager

Hours of operation

The posted hours of operation are 9 am to 9 pm. Tonight (Jan 13, 2011) I arrived at 8:45 pm (MPR confirmed the clock in my car) and the lights were out.

Was this a rare special circumstance or does the staff have the authority to create their own hours of operation.

We closed early, at 8 pm, on Thursday, January 13th so that all staff could attend our annual all-staff party. We adjust our hours twice per year—once for an all-staff meeting and once for an all-staff (belated) holiday party. We made several efforts to notify our customers in advance of the early closing, including signs posted at the door & registers and an announcement via our weekly e-newsletter. If you’d like to subscribe to the enewsletter for regular co-op updates, email allie(at)lindenhills.coop. I apologize for your inconvenience—we’re sorry we missed you!

Bring back Michel Cluizel chocolate

I really miss your Michel Cluizel dark chocolates. It was a destination purchase for me and now I’ll have to go elsewhere for it. Will you bring it back?

Shockingly, this chocolate never sold for us. Can you believe it? We actually had to throw (or give) away chocolate because it came to date before it sold. That said, our grocery manager, Tom Eckstein, says he will consider restocking Michel Cluizel if retail space opens up. In the meantime, we’d be happy to place a special order for a case of Michel Cluizel—simply fill out a brief form at our Customer Service Desk.

Bring back fresh-squeezed orange juice

I really miss your fresh-squeezed orange juice.
It was a destination purchase for me. Now I have to go back to Lunds for it. Also, it’s best if it’s already pre-packaged in pints and quarts so I don’t have to wait for it. I thought you’d add more juices not eliminate them in the new space. Will you at least bring back fresh squeezed orange juice?


We’ve brought the fresh squeezed orange juice back in response to your request. It’s in the “grab n’ go” cooler underneath our made-to-order sandwich bar. If you have trouble locating it, please ask. We’ll continue to carry fresh-squeezed juice—just as long as people buy it!


very happy to become a new member, but also very disappointed that in this day and age i had to print a paper application to take into the store rather than joining online … someone should look in to changing this.


First, welcome to the co-op, we’re happy to have you! As for your membership application, we unfortunately need to keep a paper record of your membership. That’s because membership is a legal agreement (an ownership of shares in the co-op) which must be signed by you. That said, we hope to redesign our website in our next fiscal year, and when we do, I will look into the legality around electronic member applications. Thanks for the suggestion!


Hi there,

I’m having a little trouble viewing the calendar. I wonder if you have any home preservation or canning workshops planned? If not, during the peak of tomato season might be a good time.

I have had some successful canning experiences in the past, but from what I have read since, I did several things that could have exposed us to illness…..oops.


Hi Emily,

We offered a “Yes You Can! Canning 101” class with master food preserver Liz McMann back in September. We hope to offer more canning classes next season in our new teaching kitchen!

I agree it can be tricky to find classes on our current website. That’s because we developed our current website well before we expanded our class program. We hope to redesign the website in our next fiscal year.

In the meantime there are two pretty easy ways to view the class schedule:

1) From the homepage, click “Our Community” then click “Co-op Classes.”

2) From the homepage, click “Events” then click on the tiny calendar in the upper left corner, scroll through the months to view class titles, click on titles that interest you to read class descriptions.

Thanks! And, we hope to see you in class!

Allie Mentzer, Marketing & Member Services Manager