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2010 CSA Fair

Will you be hosting a C.S.A. fair this year? If so could you please forward along any information. Thanks!


Hi, Benjamin,

Seward Co-op has the best and largest CSA fair around. It’s coming up Saturday, April 24 from 11 am to 3 pm; you can get more information at www.seward.coop.

Linden Hills Co-op is hosting a great class in March, though, called “Making the Most of Your CSA Share.” Here’s the info on that event.

Thanks for contacting Linden Hills Co-op!

Best wishes,
Marketing & Member Services

Boycott Silk Soymilk

Dear Coop Friends,

As a co-op member, I recently noticed that Silk had stopped being organic and called this to your attention. A report from Cornucopia Institute shows that Dean Foods has been very aggressive with its producers to make this change.

I very strongly support organic foods and shop at the co-op because I know that anything you carry will be organic whenever possible.

I strongly urge you to stop carrying Silk. You don’t carry many, many other “natural” (or even organic products) from mainstream brands. Silk has chosen to move into this category.

HolyLand Packaging Change

What’s up with the extra cardboard sleeve on the Holyland Deli’s hummus and stuff? I hate it.

—Hummus Fan

Hi, Hummus Fan,
We’ve had similar comments from a number of other shoppers, so Shawn, our refrigerated grocery buyer, sat down with our Holyland sales rep to find out what’s going on. Here’s what he said:

Holyland is now distributing their products internationally and believe the new colorful cardboard wrap is necessary for them to compete.

_The wrap is printed with soy-based inks on 38% recycled cardboard and is 100% recyclable.

Garlic from China

Why are the jars of roasted garlic from China? Organic and local are important.

Dear Locavore,
I completely agree—local and organic are very important. But for some people, so is convenience. In the current “global economy,” manufacturers of processed foods (and yes, even roasting and chopping garlic is considered “processing”) tend to look for the cheapest possible labor. Which most likely means not US labor.

_So while we’d love to carry local, organic chopped roasted garlic in a jar, we’d probably have to charge $14.99 an ounce for it.

Sunergia Tofu

I was very disappointed to see that you no longer carry Sunergia brand tofu, the “More Than Tofu.” It is simply the best seasoned tofu on the market. Please bring it back! My 3-year-old son loves this and has been eating it since he was a baby.

The replacement product, Westsoy, is slimy and disgusting.

Please respond and let me know if Sunergia’s “More Than Tofu” will be coming back!

Michelle M.

Hello Michelle,
_I am sorry as well that the Sunergia tofus are no longer on our shelves.

Thank you for offering

I want to let you know how fortunate I feel to have discovered your COCONUT milk Purely Decadent ice “cream”. All the stores carry the brand, but just the soy/rice dairy alternative like every other brand. Its the only brand that I’ve seen that does an alternative to the alternative and LHC is the only place that I’ve seen that carries it. For the dairy intolerant (I’ve also begun to have digestive and gluten difficulties), who already deal with restrictions, it is such a welcome relief to find this option.

Moby Wraps

The Moby Wrap website said that you are local retailer of their product. Do you have Moby wraps in the store? If so how much are the wraps? Is it possible to try one ahead of purchasing it? Finally can I purchase from your store without being a member? Thank you for your help.


Yes. Call for pricing; 612-279-2479. Yes. Yes. Yes!!!

Kerry, Natural Home Manager

Internet Orders


Are items you sell available via the internet?? I found your website when doing a search for Minnesota Mittens.


Glad you found us while searching for Minnesota Mittens, Judy. We don’t have the ability to provide secure on-line commerce, but you should definitely call the store at 612-279-2479 because we can arrange to take telephone or mail orders and ship to you.

Kerry, Natural Home Manager

Thanksgiving Meal

Compliments to the chef! Our Thanksgiving dinner (ordered the family style holiday meal) was just perfect. …look forward to the next!


Wow! You are most welcome, Milli. Our deli staff was thrilled to know you loved your holiday meal.

Dwaine, Prepared Foods Manager


It seems to me, that the best way to save our environment and adhere to a more natural and sustaining lifestyle would be to end consumerism (to an extent). So, by promoting even “natural” home goods, you are still promoting a consumerist society that still wastes.

Good point! I recently was asked to teach a class called “Becoming an Eco-Shopper” by a local organization, and I must admit, the title seemed like an oxymoron to me. I even joked with staff here that I could cut the class down to five minutes by simply advising people to buy less stuff.