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Rain Barrels

Are the rain barrels in? How much are they? Will you have any available at the EXPO? Thanks. Linda

Our rain barrel stock is running a bit on the low side; currently we only have the smaller 54-gallon size available at $140. Please call Linden Hills Natural Home at 612-279-2479 for the most current information; we’re open seven days a week from 9 to 7.

Natural Home Manager

Local Bar Soap

I am disappointed to see that you have limited the choice of Bryn Mawr bar soap to 3 choices. I normally buy a bar each time I visit. I usually buy lavender flavor. The last time I was at the store I see that you have peppermint, patchouli and non-scented. I see you have added a soap from Lutsen MN. Could you include the lavender soap from Bryn Mawr? Could you get rid of those High carbon footprint soaps instead of local low carbon soap?


Tofutti Sour Cream

I was wondering if there were any other imitation sour creams on the market other than Tofutti Sour Supreme? As great as it is to have an alternative to sour cream (for a lactose intolerant person), I was discouraged to see that the second ingredient in this product is “partially hydrogenated soybean oil”. I have rid my house of almost everything Partially hydrogenated.. which leads me to my question on whether or not there is a healthier option for imitation sour cream?

Thank you

Barbara's Mashed Potato Flakes

I hope you will reconsider your decision to replace Barbara’s mashed potato flakes with Turkey Gravy. I think the mashed potatoes are bought more consistently than the gravy, which I expect is more in demand during the November-December holidays.

The mashed potato flakes are no longer being manufactured by Barbara’s—it was the company’s decision, not the co-op’s. We’ve brought in another instant mashed potato of comparable quality, and it seems to be selling very well; look for the Natural Mash in the big blue box on the top shelf, in Aisle 4.

Peter, Merchandising Manager

Where are my gluten-free doughnuts?

I was on a gluten-free diet for a while before I discovered the Kinnickinnick doughnuts in the co-op’s freezer case. You can imagine how thrilled I was to find them! And now, they don’t seem to be there anymore. What’s up?

– D’oh! Nut Lover

Sorry about that! Kinnickinnick shut down production entirely for two weeks over the winter holidays in order to fix some things, but they’re up and running now. The doughnuts are back in the freezer case where they belong. Until you buy them and eat them.

-Peter Doolan, Merchandising Manager

Mighy Leaf in bulk?

Please try to get “Mighty Leaf” tropical tea in bulk.

I checked with Mighty Leaf and they do not sell bulk teas right now, only packaged teas. Sorry we can’t accommodate you.
Jesse, HBC Manager

Case orders?

Do you carry the Columbia Gorge canned peaches and pears? If so, as a member, can I buy them by the case?
Thanks, Ken

Nondairy, no soy, gluten-free, casein-free?

Wondering if you can research for me whether there are available substitutes for cheese and yogurt that do NOT contain casein, gluten or soy? Thank you.


Can you tell me if the chickens Linden Hills sells are allowed to be outside during the day, weather permitting? If they are not allowed outside, what is the difference between the chickens at the coop and the ones sold elsewhere that claim no antibiotics, hormones, steroids, additives or preservatives are used?

Thanks, Susan

_Great question! Larry Schultz’s organic chickens are given free access to the outdoors and fed only certified organic feed.

Bulk food bins

Hi. I love the look of the newly remodeled bulk area. I shop for gluten-free flour. Would it be possible to somehow separate the gluten-free flours from the gluten containing flours to reduce the chance of cross contamination? Maybe even just having them higher up than the others?

Also, is there a list of what you carry in bulk? I would love to have a copy at home (or on your website) for reference.


You’re welcome! Thanks for the compliment and the suggestions.