Sunleaf Naturals Candles, Soaps and Diffusers

Sunleaf Naturals, scented with 100% essential oils, are made in Waconia, Minnesota. They use all-natural ingredients, no petroleum, lead-free wicks, and lots of creativity. Sunleaf also makes all-natural dish and hand soaps, fire starters and reed diffusers—deliciously scented!

Taza Chocolate: Organic...Sweet!


Linden Hills Co-op is pleased to feature one of our favorite chocolate suppliers: Taza.

Taza is a small bean-to-bar chocolate maker, and the only producer in the US of 100% stone ground, organic chocolate. They roast, winnow, grind, temper, and mold their chocolate in house and by hand.

SnackTAXIs: Back to School Special


SnackTAXIs are a fun way to reduce your use of plastics. Invented by a Massachusetts mom who packs over 500 lunches a year, just one of these washable, reusable, colorful bags can eliminate an average of 1,000 (!) plastic bags over it’s lifetime.

They come in two sizes, Snack and Sandwich, and a wide variety of patterns and colors (including some very pretty Pucci-esque paisleys for grown-up users), and are completely machine-washable. The Snack size is just perfect for a pile of Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies.

Check out our selection of fun colors and patterns at Linden Hills Natural Home.

Keewaydin Farms


Rufus, Jacob and Jessica Haucke
Viola, Wisconsin

Keewaydin Farm was founded in 1976 by Richard and Mary Haucke. The Hauckes considered themselves stewards of the land and for several decades, ran a sustainable grass-based dairy enterprise while raising their three children. IN 2002, after years of travel and exploration, the adult Haucke children returned to Keewaydin to create a viable, certified organic family farm. In addition to a 40-cow dairy, the farm includes a 10-acre market garden, and a maple sugar shack. The family also raises chickens, heritage turkeys and pork.

Pastures A Plenty


The VanDerPols
Kerkoven, Minnesota

Pastures A Plenty supplies area co-ops with naturally raised pork. A family-run opearation since 1952, the farm is currently being passed along to the second generation. Pastures A Plenty raises Berkshire and Duroc-bred hogs that live free to roam and pastuer in the warmer months. The pigs are antibiotic- and hormone-free, and delicious!

Featherstone Farm


Featherstone Farm’s Jenni McHugh
Nurturing Life on the Farm and Elsewhere
by Allie Mentzer, Marketing Manager

As we embark on another Eat Local Challenge, you might notice that eating locally has become trendy and mighty marketable. Frito-Lay, even Walmart, will claim to sell you “local food” from “family farms.” Fact is large corporations simply can’t develop the long term commitments to local farmers that co-ops have nurtured for decades.

Unpeeled Kombucha


Meet one of our newest suppliers, Unpeeled Kombucha, made in St. Paul, Minnesota. Kombucha is a phenomenon—a naturally cultured probiotic drink made from raw ingredients. According to the Weston Price Institute (experts on traditional foods):

“Kombucha is rich in B vitamins and a substance called glucuronic acid which binds up environmental and metabolic toxins so that they can be excreted through the kidneys. Glucuronic acid is a natural acid that is produced by the liver. Kombucha simply supplies the body with more and boosts the natural detoxification process.

Veriditas Botanicals


Veriditas Botanicals offers pure, therapeutic grade, organic essential oils imported directly from our producers worldwide. Our close relationships with internationally known essential oil distilleries allow us to provide pure, certified organic essential oils at affordable prices.

We at Veriditas have a deep respect for our growers and producers because they produce the highest quality medicinal essential oils offered in the world. These organic essential oils are produced with the intention of being used for their healing properties.

Nordic Creamery, Westby, Wisconsin


We’re pleased to introduce the latest addition to our cheese department, Wisconsin’s own Nordic Creamery artisan-made cheeses. Featured in the July-August edition of The Mix! You can read the article here.

Award-winning Wisconsin cheesemaker Al Bekkum is producing these aged goat and mixed milk cheeses and named the line after his wife’s heritage.

Anderson's Maple Syrup


Anderson’s Maple Syrup in Cumberland, Wisconsin has been a family run and organized business for over 80 years. Steve Anderson is the third generation Anderson to carry on the family tradition. Steve’s grandfather Paul Anderson started the business in the early 20’s as just a little hobby to put some syrup on the table. When Norman Anderson, Steve’s Father was old enough to help out he and Paul started to make the business grow. They started on a single, once a year route that took them through parts of Wisconsin and into Northern Minnesota.