Sunleaf Naturals Candles, Soaps and Diffusers

Sunleaf Naturals, scented with 100% essential oils, are made in Waconia, Minnesota. They use all-natural ingredients, no petroleum, lead-free wicks, and lots of creativity. Sunleaf also makes all-natural dish and hand soaps, fire starters and reed diffusers—deliciously scented!

Veriditas Botanicals


Veriditas Botanicals offers pure, therapeutic grade, organic essential oils imported directly from our producers worldwide. Our close relationships with internationally known essential oil distilleries allow us to provide pure, certified organic essential oils at affordable prices.

We at Veriditas have a deep respect for our growers and producers because they produce the highest quality medicinal essential oils offered in the world. These organic essential oils are produced with the intention of being used for their healing properties.

Four Elements Herbal Remedies


We’re pleased to bring you a new line of organic herbal blends, locally made in Wisconsin, from Four Elements.

Here’s some background information from their website:

Four Elements Herbals began in 1987 as the pursuit of my dream to establish a family farm and continue my horticultural career while raising our son, Forrest. After completing a B.S. in horticulture, I began specializing in the healing qualities of herbs.

ICU Sustainable Reading Glasses


These are pretty sweet! Fashionable reading glasses made from sustainable bamboo, eco-friendly recycled metal, and reclaimed plastic scraps. One of Oprah’s favorites, too.

Alaffia Sustainable Skin Care


Alaffia formulates their premium shea butter skin care products using their own handcrafted, shea butter and other indigenous ingredients. The goal of their simple, effective formulations is to preserve the integrity and effectiveness of the shea butter and indigenous ingredients in the final product. They do not use petroleum derived products or parabens, and they do not test on animals.

Nordic Naturals: Great for Kids


In the past few years, the popularity of fish oil supplements has soared. Linden Hills Co-op is proud to offer Nordic Naturals fish oil products to our customers. Now that the school year is approaching, you may be interested in learning more about the latest research on how essential fatty acids can support healthy brain development in children and adolescents.

Click here to download an informative newsletter, “Making the Grade..A Look at Omega Fatty Acids in cognition and Learning.”

Wyndmere Naturals: Minnesota Made Aromatherapy


Robin Block and Cyndi Trachy, co-founders of Wyndmere Naturals, Inc., established the Company in 1996 with the philosophy of bringing high quality, pure therapeutic grade essential oils to the market at reasonable prices. They are dedicated to improving the emotional and physical well-being of their customers, and uncompromisingly committed to quality as demonstrated by the 100% guarantee printed on our labels.
Robin Block & Cyndi TrachyRobin Block & Cyndi Trachy
Here’s what Robin and Cyndi say about their products:

Bryn Mawr Soaps, Minneapolis, MN


Bryn Mawr Soap Company (pronounced “brin mar”) makes and sells handmade, natural soaps that are great for your skin. this small local company is dedicated to promoting the use of natural soaps by offering excellent, affordable soaps. We like them because they contain:

  • all natural ingredients – no artificial scenting or additives
  • extra oils added that have conditioning properties
  • wonderful lather and a durable bar to last a long time

And they’re affordable and nicely packaged.

UAS Labs

UAS Labs.gif

UAS Labs is a Minnesota company that makes high-quality probiotic supplements, including:

DDS® Acidophilus – Available in 100 capsule, chewable tablets and powder form.
DDS® Junior – Available in 2.5 oz. powder for children.
DDS® Plus – Combination of Acidophilus, Bifidus and FOS.
ProBioPlus DDS® – The New Gold Standard! Probioplus DDS® is the source of a special strain of Lactobacillus acidophilus (DDS®-1 strain),Bifidobacterium longum, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Bifidobacterium infantis and FOS (Fructooligosaccharides).