Speesees Organic Cotton

San Francisco-based Speesees makes great, fun, Fair Trade and certified organic cotton clothing for babies and toddlers.Besides being good for the planet, these soft snuggly garments are great for babies’ sensitive skin. The animals depicted on the clothes are almost as cute as the kids who wear them!

Fair Trade clothing and housewares

We’re proud to support Fair Trade artisans, including:

Global Mamas hand-dyed children’s clothing and tote bags from Ghana

World of Good housewares and accessories

Cocoon House silk scarves and accessories

Maggie’s Functional Organics socks, camisoles, and t-shirts

Cocoon House: Trees, Ethics and Silk

by Elizabeth Archerd

The co-op’s 30th anniversary party last October was rainy, cold and extremely windy. Since I had to spend much of the day outside, I indulged in one of the gorgeous Chinese silk scarves that we’d recently started carrying. It was so warm and lovely that I wore it regularly all winter. Signs by the scarves indicated that the supplier is a member of Co-op America and the Fair Trade Alliance. Chinese Fair Trade? Intriguing. Curiosity led me to Chen Chen, owner of Cocoon-House, distributor of these luscious products.