SnackTAXIs: Back to School Special

SnackTAXIs are a fun way to reduce your use of plastics. Invented by a Massachusetts mom who packs over 500 lunches a year, just one of these washable, reusable, colorful bags can eliminate an average of 1,000 (!) plastic bags over it’s lifetime.

They come in two sizes, Snack and Sandwich, and a wide variety of patterns and colors (including some very pretty Pucci-esque paisleys for grown-up users), and are completely machine-washable. The Snack size is just perfect for a pile of Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies.

Check out our selection of fun colors and patterns at Linden Hills Natural Home.

Biodegradeable Bags


If you’re participating in the Linden Hills source separated organics pilot and looking for biodegradeable trash bags for your compostable waste, we’ve got ‘em: Bag to Nature, Biobag and (local) Naturbag bags are available in various sizes at the co-op. You can find them in aisle 5.

Sassy Knitwear


Living the Sassy Life
By Kathy Gerhardt

The tag on the children’s clothes at Linden Hills Natural Home reads in part: “Superb comfort. Inspired design from organic and recycled fabrics…this is what fashion should be. This is Sassy Knitwear.”

Designed and hand-sewn by Molly O’Brien, these clothes are not only sassy, but smart, too: smart in design, smart in comfort and smart in that they are created and delivered with as little impact to the environment as possible.

Mary Meyer Fuzz That Wuzz

fuzz that wuzz monkey.jpg

Fuzz That Wuzz What were once plastic bottles are now cuddly toys! Introducing Fuzz That Wuzz! The outer fabric and the stuffing are both high-quality polyester fiber made from 100% recycled plastic PET bottles