Keewaydin Farms

Rufus, Jacob and Jessica Haucke
Viola, Wisconsin

Keewaydin Farm was founded in 1976 by Richard and Mary Haucke. The Hauckes considered themselves stewards of the land and for several decades, ran a sustainable grass-based dairy enterprise while raising their three children. IN 2002, after years of travel and exploration, the adult Haucke children returned to Keewaydin to create a viable, certified organic family farm. In addition to a 40-cow dairy, the farm includes a 10-acre market garden, and a maple sugar shack. The family also raises chickens, heritage turkeys and pork.

Featherstone Farm


Featherstone Farm’s Jenni McHugh
Nurturing Life on the Farm and Elsewhere
by Allie Mentzer, Marketing Manager

As we embark on another Eat Local Challenge, you might notice that eating locally has become trendy and mighty marketable. Frito-Lay, even Walmart, will claim to sell you “local food” from “family farms.” Fact is large corporations simply can’t develop the long term commitments to local farmers that co-ops have nurtured for decades.

Oaklake Orchard: Not Your Grandma’s Crabapples


You might call John Horrigan the “accidental farmer.” His small orchard outside Moose Lake, MN, wasn’t a long-time dream that became a reality and it wasn’t even the reason he bought the property. But those who are fortunate enough to eat his Minnesota grown apple varieties have been treated to his growing knowledge and passion for apples and farming.

Last year Horrigan, a Linden Hills Co-op member, supplied the co-op with Chestnut crabapples, Kerr crabapples and Zestar apples. “Zestar went out the door here about as fast as it came in,” said Horrigan.

Riverbend Farm, Delano, Minnesota

An Interview with Greg Reynolds of Riverbend Farm
By Jeanne Lakso

Greg and Mary Reynolds started Riverbend Farm in Delano, Minnesota in 1994. They supply Linden Hills Co-op with certified organic lettuces and specialty greens, radishes, soybeans, arugula, and potatoes.